Forearm & Deep Tissue Massage

Classic, Luxury or Ultimate treatments

Jing massage at thehealing room.euForearm and deep tissue massage also known as No Hands Massage'  These unique massage techniques have all the benefits of a traditional massage but, uses the therapist's forearms and elbows with minimal use of hands, offering you a relaxing, smooth, effective treatment.  This client led massage uses varied pressure depending on your preference of deep to a lighter pressure treatment.

What are the benefits of Forearm and deep tissue massage?
  • No Hands is a smoother and deeper massage
  • It stretches out the muscle fascia with long gliding, sweeping movements.
  • It releases pain and tension quickly and effectively
  • It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Regular massage can increase energy, reduce fatigue and aid deep relaxation
  • The benefits for the mind, body and soul are accumulative which is great news for your long term health.
This deep and relaxing treatment has been highly recommended by The Healing Room Clients
who regularly receive Forearm & Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage at The Healng RoomTestimonials 
Many thanks for the great blended treatment you gave me. (Massage & Reiki)  It was wonderful and I have felt much easier in my body and mind since. 
S. G.
The treatments were excellent with the additional Reiki doing me a power of good.  I'm feeling much more positive about everything now.
Thank you.
Peter Wilson

Thanks for the treatment.  After the flight over from America I was miserable and in pain.  You worked magic on my neck and back.  I just wished you were here after my flight home. Thanks again.
Bill Booth
Visitor from USA
I didn't realise deep tissue massage could be so effective and yet relaxing.  I have already booked my next treatment.
N. Turner
I thoroughly enjoyed my Forearm and Deep Tissue Massage.  I asked for slightly lighter pressure because I thought it was going to be painful but, it was really relaxing and pleasantly deep.  I feel great.
I have had many massages and this is the best one ever. I prefer a deeper treatment and to feel deep relaxation to address my stress levels too.  This certainly ticked all the right boxes.
W. Kentish

Classical Massage                                30 Minutes     £35

Back, Neck and Shoulders

Classical Massage                                60 Minutes     £50

Full Body Back, Neck and Shoulders, Legs, Arms and Decollette

Luxury Massage                                  60 Minutes     £60  

Hot Foot Cleanse Full Body Back, Neck and Shoulders, Legs, Feet, Arms, Hands, Decollette and Face with Luxurious Organic Neal's Yard Products

Ultimate Healing Massage                   90 Minutes     £75  

Hot Foot Cleanse, Reiki infused Full Body Massage Back, Neck and Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Decollette, Face and Head Massage with Luxurious Organic Neal's Yard Products concluding with Reiki balancing

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