Hot Stone Reflexology

Relaxing      Immune Boosting      Rebalancing     Detoxifying  
This unique deeply warming treatment works of 4 levels integrating the benefits of Hot Basalt Stones with Reflexology If you've never tried Hot Stone Therapy before then this is the perfect introduction.  The careful preparation of the Precious Hot Basalt Stones is only the first step to your  deeply warming and soothing treatment.  A must for the cooler months

Hot Stones reflexology deeply soothing, therapeutic.  Rebalancing you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Cold marble stones boosts your immunity, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation on sore, painful muscles.This treatment works on many Levels 

This deeply warming, soothing treatment using smooth Hot Stones as tools to implement Reflexology is both relaxing and therapeutic.  The heat from the basalt stones deeply penetrates the structures of the feet and lower legs, soothing and releasing tension and toxins, warming and sedating the body's systems. 

A great introduction to a Hot Stone treatment
Fact ~ Did you know that basalt is an igneous rock which can also dissipate anger ?  

                                                                                          What is Hot Stone Reflexology ? 

Hot Stone Reflexology is working with a blend of Hot Stones and Reflexology, a therapy in one treatment using Hot Basalt Stones as valuable tools throughout your reflexology treatment.  It works on four levels gently rebalancing all the body's systems, relaxing, calming and soothing leaving you totally re-balanced, cleansed and energised.  You'll feel like you're walking on air.

                                                                              What are the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy?

  • It is both a treatment and a therapy, relaxing, nurturing and deeply soothing
  • Heat helps to calm the nervous system reducing the symptoms of stress and tension
  • It stimulates and rebalances all of the body's systems on a focused level when blended with Reflexology
  • Hot stones work on 4 levels, rebalancing you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • The heat from the stones relaxes and penetrates the deeper soft tissues and muscular structures; relieving pain
  • Improves circulation , Lowers high blood pressure, encouraging deep and effective breathing, reducing fatigue
  • increasing energy levels
  • Hot Stones stimulate and rebalance the digestive and elimination system
  • Improves lymphatic drainage  and detoxification 
  • Increase the therapeutic benefits of Hot Stone therapy with Cold stones to boost immunity  

                                                                        What are the benefits of Reflexology ? 

  • Reflexology can relieve the unpleasant symptoms of many conditions
  • It improves immune function
  • Reflexology improves the digestion and the elimination process
  • It improves nerve function by reducing pressure on the nerves and blood vessels
  • Reflexology stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage removing toxins
  • Encouraging the body to heal
  • Reflexology boosts energy and vitality, whilst soothing the spirit
  • It encourages the body's own natural healing ability
  • It sedates the nervous system, inducing very deep and pleasant relaxation

This was a first for me on both Hot Stones and Reflexology.  Excellent treatment have rebooked for the same treatment again.
D. Kentish

A lovely treatment.   I felt warmed and soothed throughout.
M. Sayer

The Hot Stone Reflexology treatment soothed my tired and aching feet: my feet which are always overlooked and are yet the most deserving.   I was pleasantly surprised that my lower legs were also worked on, it's definitely a walking on air experience
S. Francis