Professional Profile
I began my own healing journey back in 1995.  I have experienced, researched and studied a wide range of complementary therapies. Every therapy I offer, I receive myself so I am aware of the benefits.

I strive to develop my knowledge and training in Complementary and Holistic Therapies so that I can give the best treatments and aftercare advice to my clients.  I am ITEC qualified and fully insured.  I have Diplomas with credits  in both Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Business Studies, Anatomy & Physiology and have trained with 3 highly respected Usui Reiki Masters.  I am an active member of established Reiki groups since 2004 where I share my passion for healing people, animals, world healing, absent/distant healing and self healing.  

I like to keep my skills at cutting edge level and regularly add new skills to my toolbox, offering effective Emmett Techniques and JING Advanced training using deep tissue, forearm, trigger point and myofascial release techniques.
I have worked with EMMETT Techniques since 2011 and am an Advanced EP2 Practitioner.   Emmett Techniques have enhanced my treatments and taken my bodywork to a whole new level.  What I love about Emmett technique is that it is quick, painless and completely effective as a stand alone treatment works really well with a wide range of conditions.  These techniques can also be blended with all other treatments that I offer.
A therapist's education is an ongoing process.  Most therapists like myself continue to educate themselves by reading professional literature, attending post-graduate courses and meeting with other therapist helping us to stay up to date.

 Qualifications and Post Graduate Training

ITEC Diploma 1                                                                                   
Holistic Massage with Credits
Anatomy & Physiology
Business Studies
ITEC Diploma 2                                                         
Reflexology with Credits
Anatomy & Physiology 
Business Studies 

 Post Graduate & Specialised Training         

 2011 2016
Hot Stone Massage Therapy                                                 
Reiki I, II, Art, Reiki Master Practitioner/Shihan          

Ongoing development
2004 to
EFT Levels 1 & 2                                              
Matrix Re-imprinting   
Thai Foot Massage                                                                 
Reiki Advanced Techniques - William Lee Rand                  
Advanced Reflexology Skeletal Linking  
Emmett Muscle Management  
Emmett Techniques   Practitioner Levels 1 - 6                                  
2011 - 2012
Emmett 'Advanced Clinic Techniques &Lymphatic Drainage                    
Emmett Beyond the 7 A's                                             
Emmett Client Clinic Day                                                     
Emmett Techniques Advanced EMMETT Practitioner  EP1               
Meditation Teacher
Tuning Fork Sound Therapy
Emmett Techniques Advanced EMMETT Practitioner  EP1 +              
 Emmett Techniques Advanced EMMETT Practitioner    EP2
 Face The World Holistic Facial Massage Diploma
           I am a Fully Qualified and Insured Member of the following Professional Bodies and Associations
ITEC, Embody/CThA 
EMMETT Therapies
My hobbies include Candle Art, Yoga, Art, Poetry, Travel, Walking, Reading, Animals,Swimming, Nature & Gardening.  

I have exhibited & sold pieces of my artwork and I am a published Poet

In January 2016 I took part in the WaterAid challenge and raised sufficient funds to bring over 100 people clean water. 
ITEC Qualified recognised worldwide
A full member of the Complementary Therapists Association Embody
Ivana Cullup is an Embody Professional offering you a range of holistic and complementary therapies.