Reiki Healing 

The gentle, effective technique for Stress Reduction, Pain Relief & Deep Relaxation

Distant Healing for People & Animals

Balancing Energy  

What is Reiki ?
Reiki is a safe, gentle non invasive method of healing, effectively reducing stress and pain, whilst inducing very pleasant and deep relaxation both in people and animals.  Often described as a beautiful, relaxing and nurturing experience which can take you to other levels of consciousness.   Reiki is a stand alone treatment, however, it can be added to any other complementary therapy at The Healing Room to increase the results of that therapy.  Please ask for further details.  
Studies have been done on Reiki and it is used regularly in hospitals in the U.S. and is becoming more popular in hospitals here in the United Kingdom too. Visit the Research page to find out more.
Clients often report that Reiki feels like a warm, very pleasant, loving and deeply relaxing, they also enjoy renewed energy after a treatment. 


I received Healing to for calm and clarity in a stressful, chaotic world. I'm feeling whole, complete, and am having a course of Reiki.

I felt secure that my operation would go smoothly with comforting Reiki energy being sent to me my wounds healed quickly.

Whenever you send me Reiki it really, really helps! You sent it to me when things were difficult.  I was depressed and miserable about losing my Grandad and everything in my life seemed wrong, I honestly think you helped me through it!
L. T. Clarke

Great treatment... Great therapist..  Next reflexology.

I smoked for 31 years. I stopped smoking within 5 Reiki sessions.  I simply don't need cigarettes anymore.  I look better and feel great.

What are the benefits of Reiki ?

  • Reiki gets to the source of the issue and works on many levels
  • It is deeply relaxing and extremely pleasant to receive, described as a comforting deep heat
  • It will complement and increase the effectiveness of most kinds of medication and treatment
  • Regular or a course of treatments is beneficial for maximum results producing beneficial permanent changes
  • Reiki is suitable for adults, children, babies and animals, in fact all living things
  • Reiki can increase the speed that bones and wounds heal from accidents or surgery, ensuring less tissue scarring
  • Reiki is an excellent therapy for stress reduction and pain relief
  • It can relieve the unpleasant symptoms of issues such as:  Migraine, ME, fibromyalgia, Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, aches and pains, back, shoulder or neck pain, PMS, menopausal symptoms, arthritis and chronic illness

How does Reiki work ?

Reiki travels to the source of the problem and targets the area that needs healing.  It opens the mind, body and spirit to the cause of disease and pain.  This enables the recipient to gain valuable insight to their attitudes or lifestyle, enabling them to make beneficial changes an many levels.  It can assist in reducing the need for tobacco, alcohol or other addictive habits.

Bring Total Balance to your life with Reiki

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