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5 Steps to Detox


5 Top tips for a New Start in 2018 Pretox & Detox


January 2018

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5 Steps to Detox

5 Steps to Detox

A New Start

Begin 2018 with a new start and give your whole body a well deserved gentle cleanse and boost to your whole system.  During festive holidays our bodies have to work a lot harder due to the lack of exercise, rich fatty food, chocolate and over consumption of fizzy drinks and alcohol.  Over indulgence can lead to digestive problems, sluggish elimination, weight gain, fatigue headaches and skin problems.

If you are planning a Detox this New Year make a plan.  Gently does it or you may end up feeling worse than before.

 Relax          Detox          Energise

If you would like to try a gentle detox make a Simple Plan

  1. Start by increasing your water intake to 2 litres daily to start flushing out toxins. Sip regularly throughout the day.  Try herbal teas if you need a warm drink.  Milk Thistle supports the liver when detoxing and fresh lemon slices in hot water help to cleanse the liver with the added benefits of vitamin C.  Reduce coffee, sugar, sweeteners, non herbal teas and any carbonated drinks. Beware of de-caffeinated products as sometimes chemicals are used to decaffeinate products.  If you cut out caffeine suddenly you may end up suffering from severe headaches.

  2. Get outside and do some slow deep breathing this will increase your oxygen which will help your body to expel unwanted toxins and bring fresh invigorating oxygen into your body.

  3. Increase your exercise gently by walking a brisk 10 minutes in the fresh air daily.  You can increase this slowly at any time.  Simply park further away from you workplace, supermarket or gym.  Buddy up with a friend as an added incentive and an enjoyable way to catch up on news. (If you have not exercised for some time check with your G.P. before embarking on any new regime)

  4. Increase your fruit, vegetable and whole food intake, reduce processed refined food and alcohol.  Smoothies are an excellent way to increase your fruit and veg intake, as are home made soups.

  5. Remember to include some relaxation into your life.  Unwind for 30 minutes before going to bed by doing some slow deep breathing.  Listen to some relaxing music, meditation or self hypnosis programmes them whilst drifting into a deep, relaxing sleep. Have a relaxing bath with The Healing Room Bath Salts in your bath and relax.  Our detoxifying bath salts will detoxify, relax and soften your skin.  Heal, Relax & Detox. 

Detox, De Stress and Invigorate to help to get you motivated in 2018 

Take the next step and book your Detox Treatment at The Healing Room

Visit our Detox & Lymphatic Drainage Page

2018 is your opportunity to improve your health and well being, create some wonderful new habits making you feel great!!!

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