Distant Healing is a FREE  G i f t   f o r  Y o u ...
Distant Healing is a completely Confidential
This FREE Service it is available for everyone
How does Distant Healing Work?
Distant Healing also known as Absent Healing works in the same way as saying meaningful prayers.  It is a simple, beautiful and yet powerful way to send love and healing regularly to an absent family member, friend, pet or even a challenging situation.  

When we heal, we change... and our situations often resolve and change for the better.

I find distant healing nurturing and really helpful during times of stress.  I love hands on Reiki too very nurturing.

Such a beautiful supportive energy.  Thank you.
Mr C.
W. Australia

I had healing sent to my Aunt in the U.S who was  suffering from ill health.  I felt very peaceful and empowered by having distant healing sent and her health has improved.
Thank you.
Mary G. Hampshire

I received distant healing and had the sensation that I was floating.  A truly profoundly beautiful experience.

What a delightful,  loving experience and my situation improved dramatically and I felt more relaxed generally.
L. C.
Is your loved one across the miles and needs Healing? 

The powerful and supportive energy of Reiki can support both you and your loved one

Is your loved one unable to attend a Reiki Treatment? 
Give them the true Gift of absent healing. 
Do you have an Animal that needs Healing?
Animals are unbiased and are extremely responsive to Reiki healing.
What do I need to do to receive distant healing ?  
Simply call or Email and leave your name or the Name of the Person or Animal that needs healing, the area you live and the issue you would like healed to receive healing for.  Your Loved Ones will then receive regular healing.  You will not be contacted and your details will never be shared with other parties.

Due to the high demand of healing requests I am unable to answer personal E mails.  Please relax and trust that you are receiving healing once you have sent your request.  I am always happy to receive feedback from you.

 To honour the healing power of Reiki you may if you wish make a Donation to a Charity of your choice
Sending you all deep Love &
Open to the gentle power of Distant Healing