The Healing Room - Face The World

  Face The World® is a unique, holistic facial experience designed to
nourish your skin and enlighten your soul

A choreographed Holistic Experience designed to Pamper the Senses and Enlighten your Soul.   
Enjoy a blissful sensory journey and holistic facial treatment that will take you around the world. You will travel to four different countries where you will experience the music and aromas reminiscent from each country. 

Nourishing   Hydrating   Healing   Protecting Face The World is a fully patented and accredited beauty treatment focusing on delivering premium result driven products suitable for all skin types which are cruelty free, paraben free nourishment for the skin and ethically sourced and manufactured in the UK. 

Premium luxurious Natural, result driven Products Suitable for all skin Types Hypo-allergenic, paraben free and SLS free, ethically sourced and contain no animal products, not tested on animals.

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Holistic Facial Massage - Face The World
Visit our website to find out more - The World is a patented and award-winning holistic facial massage that will take you on an blissful, multi-sensory journey around th...

Imagine yourself floating through a lush canopy of a tropical rainforest while your skin is being deep cleansed and toned. The deep vibrations of Aboriginal music will take you to a deeper level whilst your skin is gently exfoliated and you inhale a blend of Eucalyptus and Bergamot. Allow yourself to soar over the mountains and monasteries of Tibet whilst you enjoy your facial massage based on a blend of Eastern, Western, Meridian points and lymphatic techniques. Then rest by the ocean listen to the waves and the patter of raindrops on your skin during your ocean rain skin drench.   

Whilst your Hydrating Mask replenishes and restores your skins natural balance you will continue to float away on the ocean waves and enjoy your choice of one of the following mini treats:  

Indian Head Massage
Allow the tension to be released from
your scalp, neck, shoulders and around your ears with gentle, soothing massage and stimulation of pressure points to
help you de-stress and clear your mind.,

Thai Foot 

Thai foot massage is both invigorating
and deeply relaxing.  Massage and acupressure points are used to stimulate reflex points. It has elements of shiatsu, reflexology and Chinese massage.
 Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage
This type of hand and arm massage will help to release tension from your hands
and de-stress you as energy channels are opened to help create a feeling of general well-being and relaxation.

Finally as you head home over the grand planes of South Africa you will be moisturised with the aromas of violets and rose whilst listening to the powerful, soul stirring native choral singing. The gentle cosseting sweeps will deliver all the final ingredients and moisture your skin can hold to maintain youthfulness and well-being.

Your Face the World journey concludes with a Gift sachet of overnight Skin- Booster Serum this Aftercare product is for you to use when you arrive home to conclude your treatment for best results.   This overnight serum is truly awesome you’ll love it !

For your convenience you may purchase your FTW products directly from the Face The World Affiliate Shop, they will be posted directly to your home.

You must agree that our product range still looks simply stunning yet our prices are extremely competitive and excellent value.

Face The World Exclusive at Berkshire
Testimonial Visit my Testimonials Page for more recommendations.

I just wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic facial you gave me. I've had many of these over the years and your treatment was undoubtedly one of the best I have experienced. The addition of reiki alongside was inspired, and really, the results were fabulous. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and happy - plus several people commented on my 'fresh' complexion! I would highly recommend your services; I found you to be extremely well trained, very professional and extremely good value. 
Thank you.

Featured in The CThA Magazine Autumn 2017

 EMBODY Face the World Competition Winner
Winner of the Face The World Therapist of the Month August 2017

Thank you for voting for me.  I'm so excited to have been chosen as joint 3rd Winner in the Face The World Practitioner of the Year Award

A BIG Congratulations to all the lovely Ladies who took part, there was some Amazing contenders who offer Face The World Facials spanning the whole of the UK.

Here I am bottom right

Dear Ivana, 

You represent a perfect example of  what being a therapist is all about and it's our huge pleasure to showcase you to others. Bravo!!
Liz Badger xxx
Owner of Face The World

Congratulations to CThA member Ivana Cullup who won the recent Embody competition for Face the World training, and has now been selected as FTW practitioner of the month by CEO Liz Badger. See Liz’s endorsement below:

Since your competition win with Embody Magazine, we've been so impressed with how you've totally embraced our Signature Facial... which on first glance, may not have been the obvious choice of treatment to sit with your existing, super portfolio! Without fail, our Reiki healers always make the best facialists. Not only did you familiarise yourself thoroughly with our website prior to training, you also read our business ebooks and set up your affiliate store.

Your client testimonials are excellent - and what a super idea to run your own launch competition. Having a business mindset as well as your heart-led practice is the perfect combination in our eyes! That said, we know you have a big heart and love the fact that you offer FREE distance healing and raised enough funds to supply over 100 people with clean water as part of the 2016 Water Aid challenge have. Bravo to you. So yes – you represent a perfect example of what being a therapist is all about and it's our huge pleasure to showcase you to others. We at the CThA are thrilled that Ivana has achieved such success with Face the world and feel delighted that our competition in Embody has opened doors for the winner.

Ivana commenting on being chosen said: “Thank you so much for choosing me as Practitioner of the Month' Wow! how exciting. I'm both thrilled and humbled by your  choice and that I will appear in Embody magazine representing FTW Facials, great and thank you.” She went on to say “I love the Face the World Facial, it’s a beautiful unique experience and so very relaxing. I love the fact that the products are natural paraben free,  cruelty-free, ethically sourced and manufactured in the UK and best of all the range suits all skin types.

We wish Ivana and Liz continued success! Face the World won the UK Holistic Business of the Year title.

If you are interested in training opportunities please call 0845 544 1555 or visit for further information.
Book your mini getaway today to look and feel great.  Allow me to take you on this unique journey whilst you enjoy the unique fragrances of the natural face products and the beautiful music.

Our facial massage technique and product range is accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists and The Guild of Holistic Therapists, is Trade Mark Registered and Patented – we have made every effort to reach perfection.

Face The World Facial                                    60 Minutes                  £50

Includes a mini treatment during your facial. 
Choose from an Indian Head Massage, Tibetan Hand & Arm Massage or Thai Foot Massage