All treatments available at The Healing Room are effective stand alone treatments.  They may be blended to give you a unique treatment experience, tailored and designed just for you!  If you don't see a treatment you love, please contact me and we'll design a bespoke treatment just for you.

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 Classic, Luxury and Ultimate treatments

Gift Vouchers and E Vouchers are now available for all treatments

NEW YEAR Special Offer

Its the perfect time to treat yourself to a Luxury 60 Minutes Detox & Lymphatic Drainage or a Full Body 60 Minute Emmett Treatment to ease stiffness, pain and restrictions.
Either of these Emmett Technique treatments will leave you feeling great!!! and best of all you'll receive
10% Discount until the 31st January.
Emmett Techniques are  always highly recommended by both myself and my clients.  A great stand alone treatment or blended with other therapies I offer for body issues such as: Back pain, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle pain or restrictions, Body rebalancing, Fluid retention and much more ...   
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Advanced Emmett Techniques

Targeting even more issues than before...

The word dōTERRA translates to “Gift of the Earth

A deeply relaxing gift of a treatment.  Visit our doAROMA page to find out more!

NEW Facials are available to enhance your Beauty and Self Care...

I recommend Reflexology  especially in the cooler months.  Its a great treatment to boost your immune system helping you to become more resistant to catching virusesYou'll relax very deeply and de-stress, encouraging deeper levels of healing.

Visit our Reflexology page its a great therapy to re-balance all the body's structures and systems and target issues you face working indirectly on the reflexes of the feet.  A great treatment to maintain homeostasis.



This treatment works on 4 levels for deep healing.  The Healing Room's beautiful, natural Basalt HOT STONES  a delightful Winter /Spring treatment which offers you pleasant, deeply healing, penetrating heat. Using hot stones as massage tools as well as laying stones on the body.