All treatments available at The Healing Room are effective stand alone treatments.  They may be blended to give you a unique treatment experience, tailored and designed just for you!  If you don't see a treatment you love, please contact me and we'll design a bespoke treatment just for you.

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The word dōTERRA translates to “Gift of the Earth

A deeply relaxing gift of a treatment.  Visit our doAROMA page to find out more!

From 1st December doTERRA products will be included in all your Luxury and Ultimate Treatments

Advanced Emmett Techniques

Targeting even more issues than before...

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Current Recommendations 

I recommend Reflexology  especially in the cooler months.  Its a great treatment to boost your immune system helping you to become more resistant to catching virusesYou'll relax very deeply and de-stress, encouraging deeper levels of healing.

Visit our Reflexology page its a great therapy to re-balance all the body's structures and systems and target issues you face working indirectly on the reflexes of the feet.  A great treatment to maintain homeostasis.


Emmett Techniques are  always highly recommended by both myself and my clients.  A great stand alone treatment or blended with other therapies I offer for body issues such as: Back pain, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle pain or restrictions, Body rebalancing, Fluid retention and much more ...   

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This treatment works on 4 levels for deep healing.  The Healing Room's beautiful, natural Basalt HOT STONES  a delightful Autumn/ Winter treatment which offers you pleasant, deeply healing, penetrating heat.